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Highest quality.

We have the most QSS minilab Noritsu HD 3701.
We are the first in Warsaw to exploit this minilab.

The QSS-37HD models are equipped with a newly developed ultra imagesetter high resolution 640dpi, which is second to none when it comes to quality and resolution.

This enables us to produce high-quality prints with outstanding color portrayal and excellent image depth. It exposes 5-fold greater number of pixels than from the previous minilabs. These additional pixels take prints to a new dimension.This additional dimension is unattainable using other minilabs.

Support for RAW data.

In the EZ Controller is DNG ™ conversion technology from Adobe. The QSS minilabs. This technology allows processing images recorded in RAW format. After processing the RAW data, the images are enhanced with "AccuSmart ™". Then the images are illuminated by laser. Technology "AccuSmart" from Noritsu Koki can easily portray the natural beauty of the scene as viewed by the photographer when shooting. "AccuSmart" is part of the EZ Controller. Operator of lab use appropriate image enhancement. This allows him to perform extremely high quality prints regardless of the image source.


The maximum paper width is 305mm (12 inches) and the maximum advance length is 914.4mm (36 inches). It allows you to perform a wide variety of prints


Minilab Noritsu QSS 3701 HD allows you to take 900 10x15 prints/hour.

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